SCCER-SoE Annual Conference 2020

Hydropower and Geoenergy in Switzerland: Results and Perspectives

2 November 2020, online

SCCER-SoE Annual Conference 2020


Domenico Giardini, ETHZ


Session 1: Geoenergy

Reservoir creation in crystalline rock - the Bedretto experiment (PDF)
Marian Hertrich, ETHZ

Exploration and characterisation for deep geothermal projects (PDF)
Benoît Valley, UNINE

Observations from an in-situ experiment to monitor fault sealing integrity (PDF)
Alba Zappone, ETHZ

Combining CCS with CO2-Plume Geothermal (CPG) power generation in Switzerland (PDF)
Martin Saar, ETHZ

Preliminary regional screening for CCS in Switzerland (PDF)
Andrea Moscariello, UNIGE

White Paper on Geoenergy (PDF)
Luca Guglielmetti, UNIGE


Session 2: Hydropower

Retreating glaciers and new multipurpose schemes (PDF)
Robert Boes, ETHZ

Increase flexibility in small hydropower plants (PDF)
Cécile Münch, HES-SO

Effect of climate change on hydropower production (PDF)
Manfred Stähli, WSL

Increase winter production by dam heightening (PDF)
David Felix, ETHZ

White paper on hydro flexibility (PDF)
François Avellan, EPFL

White paper on hydro potential (PDF)
Robert Boes, ETHZ


Session 3: Future Electricity Generation

Induced seismicity risk management for deep geothermal projects: Status and outlook (PDF)
Stefan Wiemer, ETHZ

Hydropower in future market scenarios (PDF)
Martin Densing, PSI

The role of hydropower, geothermal and CCS in net-zero emission scenarios (PDF)
Gianfranco Guidati, ETHZ

Energy system transformation pathways towards net-zero emissions in 2050 (PDF)
Evangelos Panos, PSI

White paper on future electricity generation (PDF)
Peter Burgherr, PSI


Domenico Giardini, ETHZ

Registration & Location

Registration was required to attend the Annual Conference 2020. The participation was free of charge. Due to the Corona pandemic, the Annual Conference 2020 took place entirely online.


There were no posters at the Annual Conference 2020. 


Please contact Dr. Gianfranco Guidati if you have any questions.

Picture Contest for the Annual Conference

To find the best hyropower images for the title image of the Annual Conference we organised a contest. Many excellent pictures were submitted and we do not want to withhold them from you. Enjoy!