SCCER-SoE Annual Conference 2019

Hydropower and Geo-Energy in Switzerland: Challenges and Perspectives

3 & 4 September 2019 in Lausanne (VD), École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne EPFL

The SCCER-SoE Annual Conference 2019 presented insights into our research highlights, put a strong emphasis on the project posters, and offered many opportunities for personal exchange.


All posters are collected in the Science Report 2019.

Presentations on Tuesday

Session 1: Introduction

Energy Research at EPFL (PDF)
Mario Paolone, EPFL

Status of the Swiss Energy Transition: Where are we now and what comes next (PDF)
Wolfgang Elsenbast, SFOE

Status of the SCCER-SoE (PDF)
Domenico Giardini, ETHZ


Session 2: Highlights from WP4 - Future Supply of Energy

Accident Risk Assessment for Hydropower and Deep Geothermal Energy Systems (PDF)
Matteo Spada, PSI

Induced Seismicity Risk: its Governance Involving Scientists, Authorities and the Public (PDF)
Arnaud Mignan, ETHZ and Olivier Ejderyan, ETHZ

The Contribution of the Swiss Mountains to the Energy Turnaround with New Renewables (PDF)
Michael Lehning, EPFL

Missing Perspectives in Swiss Electricity Supply Models and Scenarios (PDF)
Evelina Trutnevyte, UNIGE

Implications of European Climate and Energy Policy for the Swiss Power Sector (PDF)
Anthony Patt, ETHZ

Scenarios for 2050: the Role of Hydropower and Geoenergies (PDF)
Gianfranco Guidati, ETHZ

Presentations on Wednesday

Session 3a: Highlights from Geo-Energy Research

Numerical Simulation and Uncertainty Quantification for Reservoir Engineering (no PDF)
Rolf Krause, USI

Scenario Modeling for High Temperature Underground Heat Storage (PDF)
Thomas Driesner, ETHZ

High Performance Computing Based Assessment of Hydraulic Stimulation (PDF)
Maria Nestola, USI

Hydromechanical Coupling in Heterogeneous and Fractured Media (PDF)
Marco Favino, UNIL

Using a THMC Simulator to Examine the Effects of Porosity Reduction on Pore Pressure Development in Geothermal Reservoirs (PDF)
Batoul Gisler, UNINE

Geophysical Characterization of Fractured Rocks – a Rock Physics Perspective (PDF)
Eva Caspari, UNIL

The Gasometer-based CO2 Plume Geothermal Energy Storage System (PDF)
Benjamin Adams, ETHZ

Revised Potential of the Muschelkalk Formation (Central Swiss Plateau) for CO2 Storage and Geothermal Energy (PDF)
Larryn Diamond, UNIBE

CO2 Sequestration within the ELEGANCY-ACT Project: Progress of the CS-D Experiment on Faulted Rock in Mont Terri (PDF)
Melchior Grab, ETHZ

Influence of Reservoir Geology on Seismic Response During Decameter Scale Hydraulic Stimulations in Crystalline Rock (PDF)
Linus Villiger, ETHZ

Bedretto Underground Laboratory for Geoenergies: Ongoing Activities and Future Opportunities (PDF)
Katrin Plenkers, ETHZ


Session 3b: Highlights from Hydropower Research

Four Years of Sediment Transport Measurements in the Albula River Upstreams of the Hydropower Dam Solis (PDF)
Dieter Rickenmann, WSL

Change in Run-Of-River Power Production Calculated with the New Climate Change Scenarios CH2018 (PDF)
Tobias Wechsler, WSL

H2020 XFLEX Project (PDF)
François Avellan, EPFL

Dam Heightening Options in Switzerland to Increase Hydro Storage Capacity and Winter Production (PDF)
Michelle Müller-Hagmann, ETHZ

Reach-Scale Effects of Small Hydropower Plants (PDF)
Katharina Lange, EAWAG

Fish Protection and Downstream Migration at Low-Head Hydropower Plants (PDF)
Julian Meister, ETHZ

Balancing Hydropower Production and Environment through Flexible Operation (PDF)
Andrea Castelletti, ETHZ

Climate Change Effects on Reservoir Inflows and Hydropower Operation (PDF)
Nadav Peleg, ETHZ and Andrea Castelletti, ETHZ

SmallFLEX – Demonstrator for Flexible Small Hydropower Plants (PDF)
Cécile Münch-Alligné, HES-SO

Renovhydro: How Synergies Between Utilities an Provide Flexibility and Hydropeaking Mitigation. Case Study of Upper Rhône Valley (PDF)
Christophe Nicolet, Powervision Engineering


Session 4a: Knowledge and Technology Transfer for Geoenergies

Funding Opportunities Post-2020 – A Chance to Transfer Knowledge Into Practice (PDF)
Gunter Siddiqi, FOEN

Solution for Shallow Geothermal Energy Exploitation: From Building Integration to Lifetime Management (PDF)
Benoît Cousin, EPFL

HEATSTORE: Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage in Switzerland (PDF)
Luca Guglielmetti, UNIGE, Carole Nawratil de Bono, SIG, Peter Meier, GeoEnergie Suisse, Thomas Driesner, ETHZ, Larryn Diamond, UNIBE, and Benoît Valley, UNINE

Long-Term Monitoring of Geothermal Energy Reservoirs (PDF)
Joseph Moerschell, HES-SO

Corrosion Analysis of Deep Geothermal Fluids in Switzerland (PDF)
Ana Vallejo Vialler, ETHZ

Existing and Upcoming swisstopo Products Supporting the Geothermal Development (PDF)
Christian Minnig, swisstopo


Session 4b: Knowledge and Technology Transfer for Hydropower

Welcome (PDF)
Pedro Manso, EPFL

Why Swiss Hydropower Needs Flexibility: The Hydropower Producer‘s View (PDF)
Daniel Fischlin, KWO

Research Challenges of Flexible Hydropower Generation (PDF)
Robert Boes, ETHZ

P1 Hydropeaking Mitigation (PDF)
Philipp Meier, MeteoSwiss

P2 Impulse Wave Risk Management in Montainous Reservoirs (PDF)
Frederic Evers, ETHZ

P3 Opportunities for Future Hydropower Storage Identified by Data Mining from Multi-Decadal Past Behaviours (PDF)
José Pedro Matos, Stucky

P4 Gestion innovative des sédiments pour une cascade de réservoirs alpins (PDF)
Samuel Vorlet, EPFL

P5 Umgang mit Feinsedimenten an Stauseen unter Berücksichtigung der Turbinenabrasion (PDF)
David Felix, ETHZ

P6 Preventing Turbine Instability During Multiple Start/Stop Procedures (PDF)
Jean Decaix, HES-SO, and Vlad Hasmatuchi, HES-SO

Final Word from Industrial Partner (PDF)
Andres Fankhauser, KWO

Closure (PDF)
Pedro Manso, EPFL


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