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The SCCER-SoE carries out innovative and sustainable research on the supply of electricity from hydropower and geo-energy in order to meet the challenges of the Energy Strategy 2050..



Your preferred Swiss electricity portfolio 2035

Support the Swiss National Science Foundation project RIGOROuS and participate in the survey on your preferred Swiss electricity portfolio for the year 2035 (5-10 min, available in English, German and French). The survey is based on the interactive web-tool Riskmeter, where you can explore a variety of Swiss electricity portfolios as well as read about pros and cons of the different technologies. After you submit your preferred portfolio in Riskmeter, you will be asked several questions on your familiarity with the energy topic as well as your experience with Riskmeter. September 2017

German TV documentary on dam safety

The crew of the ZDF broadcast "planet e." visited, amongst other places, the Grande Dixence dam in the Valais with Georges Darbre from the SFOE and the Laboratory of Hydraulic Constructions at the EPFL with José Pedro Matos and Anton Schleiss. The documentary focuses on the safety of dams, especially under future conditions of glacier and permafrost melting possibly causing rock fall and dam break. Click here to watch the documentary in full length or to pick out the above mentioned excerpts starting at minutes 01:30, 13:40, 31:20 and 41:56. August 2017



SCCER School - Shaping the Energy Transition in Engelberg, organized by the eight Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research (SCCER).


2017 Annual Conference of the SCCER-FURIES in Lausanne, organized by the SCCER-FURIES.


Energy Startup Day in Zurich, organized by the Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship at the ZHAW.


International Symposium on Energy Geotechnics SEG-2018 in Lausanne, organized by the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics at EPFL.


#8 Weather-sensitive hydropower

June 2017 - by Manfred Stähli

No year resembles the other regarding electricity production from hydropower. This is principally due to weather conditions, what often is neglected in the discussion about the targets of the future energy production. However, for the domestic electricity supply, these weather caused fluctuations may be a greater challenge than the long-term capacity increase through existing and new hydropower plants – especially in winter.

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