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The SCCER-SoE carries out innovative and sustainable research on the supply of electricity from hydropower and geo-energy in order to meet the challenges of the Energy Strategy 2050.

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Register now for the SCCER-SoE Annual Conference: 13 & 14 September 2018

Register now for the SCCER-SoE Annual Conference: 13 & 14 September 2018

The registration for the SCCER-SoE Annual Conference 2018 is now open. For detailed information including the programme consider this PDF or visit the website. May 2018

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Anthropogenic or not? Investigating the magnitude 5.5 Pohang earthquake in South Korea

Anthropogenic or not? Investigating the magnitude 5.5 Pohang earthquake in South Korea

A recently published paper in Science, written by a team of the Swiss Seismological Service at ETH Zurich and collaborators from the Engineering Geology group at ETH, GFZ Potsdam and the Glasgow University, explores the potential link between a magnitude 5.5 earthquake in South Korea and a nearby geothermal project. The earthquake, which occurred on 15 November 2017, injured about 80 people and caused damage to numerous buildings in the city of Pohang. If proven to be anthropogenic, it would be the largest earthquake known to have been associated with the exploitation of deep geothermal energy. Read more. April 2018



Workshop Geo-energies in Lausanne, organized by the SCCER-SoE and EPFL.


Wärme nutzen - Erdbeben vermeiden (Geothermie-Forum) in Zurich, organized by Geothermie Schweiz.


Session on induced and triggered seismicity at the ESC in Malta, organized by the European Seismological Commission and the Seismological Society of America.


SCCER-SoE Annual Conference in Horw at the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts.


International Symposium on Energy Geotechnics in Lausanne, organized by the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics at EPFL.


Autumn School "Focus on Enhanced Geothermal Systems" in Strasbourg, France, organized by the Geothermal-Alliance Bavaria.


European Geothermal Workshop (EGW 2018) on "Characterization of deep geothermal systems" in Strasbourg, France, organized in partnership with Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and European Energy Research Alliance.


International Induced Seismicity Workshop in Banff, Canada, organized by the Canadian Induced Seismicity Collaboration and the Canadian Society for Unconventional Resources.


#11 Can renewables fill the power gap?

April 2018 - by Christian Bauer

Sooner or later Switzerland must get by without nuclear power plants. This has been determined by the adoption of the Energy Strategy 2050. But how can the power gap be filled? Is there enough space and acceptance for photovoltaic installations and wind turbines in Switzerland, or will we have to import electricity from abroad? How much will the alternatives cost and what effects will they have on the environment? The Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) has recently attempted to answer these and other questions for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE).

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