Geo-energy Pilots & Demos (WP5)

The key objective of the SCCER-SoE in its Phase II is the initiation and in some case completion of demonstration projects in all areas of the our electricity supply portfolio. The work package 5 is central to the strategy of implementing the integrated approaches developed for geo-energy (WP1) and hydropower (WP2) and the innovative technologies developed in WP3 in projects conducted with industry, which serve to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed approaches.

The final objective of the innovation roadmap remains to develop by 2025 a portfolio of tested solutions to enable reaching the Energy Strategy 2050 supply targets.

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Grimsel "In-situ Stimulation and Circulation (ISC)" project

Flagship stimulation experiment in the deep underground laboratory. Towards a better understanding of hydro-seismo-mechanical coupled processes that are associated with high pressure fluid injections in a crystalline rock mass. 

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GEothermie 2020: heat exchange and storage project in Geneva

Basin-scale hydrothermal play for heat exchange and storage.

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Reservoir engineering for heat exchange project in Haute-Sorne

Development of a pilot and demonstration project for deep geothermal energy by GeoEnergie Suisse AG.

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ELEGANCY: CO2 storage project in Mont Terri

Enabling a low-carbon economy via hydrogen and carbon capture and storage (CCS).