• SCCER-SoE / NRP 70 PhD School in Leukerbad - October 2016
  • SCCER-SoE Annual Conference - September 2016
  • The ISC experiment in the spotlight - September 2016
  • Foreseen Trift Dam will benefit from FLEXSTOR - March 2016
  • First results of damage tests on brick walls - August 2016
  • First boreholes for the ISC Project at the Grimsel rock laboratory are drilled - October 2015
  • The Alps without glaciers: new helicopter ice penetration radar system successfully tested - April 2015
  • Construction of a new sediment transport measurement system in the Albula river by WSL - March 2015

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New issue of the SCCER-SoE newsletter
The leading motto of the fourth SCCER-SoE newsletter is "towards the future". It's available in German and French and tells you more about several hydropower and geo-energy projects of great importance for the future. In addition, it's worth reading until the end, where the SCCER-SoE reveals the focus areas of its second phase during the next four years. November 2016

Paper on risk governance for induced seismicity of geothermal projects
Evelina Trutnevyte and Stefan Wiemer of the SCCER-SoE task 4.1 just released a new paper in which they propose the screening tool GRID for geothermal project operators and regulators to get a sense of the extent to which induced seismicity is a concern for a specific project. Furthermore, they recommend tailor-made risk governance measures, including for example hazard and risk assessment, seismic monitoring, insurance, traffic light systems, and public and stakeholder engagement. November 2016

#5 SCCER-SoE Blog
Our new blog post addresses the problems that hydropower has to face due to sediments and identifies promising countermeasures. The author, Professor Robert Boes, is Director of the Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology (VAW) at ETH Zurich and Principal Investigator at the SCCER-SoE. The post is available in English, German, and French. Feel free to share it on Facebook, Twitter & Co. and recommend our blog to interested people. November 2016

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International Workshop on "Advances in Laboratory Testing and Modelling of Soils and Shales" in Villars-sur-Ollon, organized by the EPFL.

Schatzalp Workshop on Induced Seismicity in Davos, organized by the Swiss Seismological Service. Deadline for abstract submission and fellowship application: 11 December 2016. Deadline for registration: 27 January 2017.

EGU General Assembly 2017 in Vienna, organized by the European Geosciences Union. Deadline for abstract submission: 11 January 2017.

2nd International Workshop on Sediment Bypass Tunnels in Kyoto, organized by the Disaster Prevention Research Institute (DPRI) at Kyoto University and the Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology (VAW) at ETH Zurich. Deadline for abstract submission: 16 December 2016. Registration opens in February 2017.

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