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The Swiss Competence Centers for Energy Research have been established to ensure that the academic community work closely with industry to provide the required research advancement, develop innovative technologies and robust solutions, and ultimately ensure the future provision of electricity and energy to the Swiss country and the transition to a competitive carbon-free economy.

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Overview Project Posters:

Deep saline aquifers as reservoirs for geothermal energy and CO2-sequestration

Predicting porosity-permeability relationships in the rock matrix of the Muschelkalk aquifer, NE Swiss Molasse Basin
L. Aschwanden, A. Adams, L.W. Diamond, M. Mazurek

Matrix porosity and depth: Contrasting shallow and deep boreholes of the Muschelkalk aquifer, NE Swiss Molasse Basin
A. Adams, L. Aschwanden, L. W. Diamond

Identification of deep reservoir targets for geothermal exploration in the Greater Geneva Basin : insights from a multidisciplinary approach
N. Clerc, E. Rusillon, M. Brentini, Y. Makhloufi, A. Moscariello

Unconventional petroleum resources in the Geneva basin: myth or reality?
D. Do Couto, A. Moscariello, S. Bou Daher, R. Littke, P. Weniger

Geophysical characterisation of Cretaceous formations for underground thermal energy storage in the Geneva Basin
L. Guglielmetti, A. Moscariello, M. Meyer, C. Nawratil de Bono, H. Maurer, D. Dupuy

Fractured crystalline rocks as reservoirs for geothermal energy

Thermal evolution of the Grimsel Pass hydrothermal system: insights from numerical modeling
C. Wanner, P. Alt-Epping, L. W. Diamond

Fracture-controlled flow paths in an active hydrothermal system (Grimsel, Swiss Alps)
D. Egli, R. Baumann, S. Küng, A. Berger, L. Baron, M. Herwegh

Deep Geothermal Well Optimization Workflow (DG-WOW)
A. Dahrabou, B. Valley, F. Ladner, F. Guinot, P. Meier

Structural mapping of a clay fault zone from boreholes data for the FS-experiment in Mont-Terri
M. Kakurina, Y. Guglielmi, C. Nussbaum, B. Valley

Geophysical exploration for deep geo-energy reservoirs

Attenuation estimated from laboratory creep tests on cracked water-saturated glass samples
C. Mallet, B. Quintal, E. Caspari, K. Holliger

Effects of incoming seismic waves on a high-enthalpy geothermal field
M. Lupi, F. Fuchs, E.H. Saenger

Structural imaging from hydrophone vertical seismic profile data at the Grimsel Borehole
A. Greenwood, T. Zahner, L. Baron, K. Holliger

Potential of fracture characterization from hydrophone tube wave data at the Grimsel test site
E. Caspari, A. Greenwood, T. Zahner, L. Baron, J. Hunziker, K. Holliger

Fracture connec+vity effects on the anisotropy of acous+c waves
J. G. Rubino, E. Caspari, T. M. Müller, K. Holliger

Geophysical characterization of an active hydrothermal shear zone in granitic rocks
T. Zahner, L. Baron, A. Greenwood, E. Toschini, K. Holliger, D. Egli

Sensitivity of seismic attenuation and phase velocity to intrinsic background anisotropy in fractured formations
N. D. Barbosa, J. G. Rubino, E. Caspari, K. Holliger

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Overview Project Posters:

Hydraulic stimulation and THM processes, experiments, code development, modelling (collaboration with tasks 1.3 and 4.3)

Fully Hydro-Mechanically coupled Response of Fluid Injection in Rough Fractures on Laboratory and Reservoir Scale: Experiments and Simulations
D. Vogler, R. R. Settgast, C. Annavarapu, C. Madonna, P. Bayer, F. Amann

Fluid injection in a frictional weakening fracture. Nucleation and arrest of dynamic instability
F. Ciardo, B. Lecampion

The tip region of a hydraulic fracture driven by a power law fluid
F.-E. Moukhtari, B. Lecampion

Finite element modeling of three-dimensional fracture growth using unstructured tetrahedral meshes
M. Nejati, T. Driesner

Characterization of the in-situ stress field at Grimsel Test Site
H. Krietsch, N. Dutler, V. Gischig, K. Evans, B. Valley, F. Amann

A slip induced stress transfer model for embedded discrete fractures
G. Jansen, S. A. Miller

Physical Rock Properties Relevant for Deep Geothermal Projects
P. Hardegger, H. R. Schneider, R. Schnellmann

Investigation of chemical stimulation of geothermal reservoirs using reactive flow-through system

J. Ma, X. Z. Kong, M. O. Saar

Long-term reservoir operation and optimization, exploration and reservoir characterization (collaboration with task 1.1 and 4.3)

Numerical simulation of the feasibility of ultra-deep, single-well geothermal power production
T. Driesner

Numerical simulation of CO2 injection into the Upper Muschelkalk aquifer, N. Switzerland: insights into fluid–rock reactions in the aquifer and at the contact to an overlying clay formation
P. Alt-Epping, L. W. Diamond

Towards modeling geochemical effects on long-term permeability evolution and heat extraction
J. Mindel, T. Driesner

Development of efficient numerical methods and codes for geochemical modeling and reactive transport calculations with applications in geothermal energy and carbon sequestration in geological formations
P. Schaedle, A. M. M. Leal , A. Ebigbo, N. Garapati, M. O. Saar

Hydromechanical aspects of CO2 breakthrough and flow in clay-rich caprock
R. Makhnenko, D. Mylnikov, V. Vilarrasa, L. Laloui

The effect of pressure on CaSO4 solubility in geothermal systems
D. Zezin

Numerical modeling of seismic velocity dispersion and attenuation in 3D fractured media
J. Hunziker, B. Quintal, E. Caspari, C. Mallet, G. Rubino, K. Holliger

Numerical Modeling of Natural Convection in Fractured Media
J. Patterson, T. Driesner

International collaborations on integrated geothermal systems characterization (COTHERM = SNF Sinergia project, ETHZ, PSI, University of Iceland)

Dynamics of boiling and condensation of saline fluids above magmatic intrusions
S. Scott, T. Driesner, P. Weis

Reactive transport modelling of two-phase geothermal systems
A.Yapparova, D.A.Kulik, T.Driesner

COTHERM –  Seismic Characterization of Fractured Magmatic Geothermal Reservoirs
M. Grab, H. Maurer, S. Greenhalgh

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Overview Project Posters:

Permeability Enhancement in Crystalline Rock as a Result of Hydraulic Fracturing and Hydraulic Jacking
M. Jalali, M. Klepikova, V. Gischig, J. Doetsch, F. Amann, S. Löw

Hydrogeological characterization of a low-permeability crystalline reservoir before high-pressure stimulation
B. Brixel, M. Jalali, M. Klepikova, F. Amann, S. Löw

Geophysical characterization of the ISC volume at the Grimsel Test Site
J. Doetsch, H. Krietsch, M. Lajaunie, V. Gischig, H. Maurer, F. Amann, R. Jalali

Flow path characterization using DNA-based smart tracers in the Grimsel Deep Underground Geothermal Laboratory (DUG-Lab)
A. Kittilä, K. Evans, C. Deuber, M. O. Saar

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Overview Project Posters:

From Data Aquisition to Risk Reduction: Insights from GeoTherm, the first Deep Geothermal Federal Database
L. Boulicault, C. Minnig, N. Oesterling, M. Faubert, L. Glaus, R. Baumberger

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Overview Project Posters:

Rethinking Pumped Storage Hydropower in the European Alps
A.B. Gurung, A. Borsdorf, L. Füreder, F. Kienast, P. Matt, C. Scheidegger, L. Schmocker, M. Zappa, K. Volkart

Pre- and Post-processing of Monthly Forecasts for Optimized Hydro-Power Production
K. Bogner, S. Monhart, C. Spirig, M. Liniger, M. Zappa

Generation of high resolution climate variables for hydropower studies: model calibration and validation
N. Peleg, S. Fatichi, P. Burlando

Generation of high resolution climate variables for hydropower studies: model re-parameterization for future climate
N. Peleg, S. Fatichi, P. Burlando

Snow storage for winter tourism
T. Grünewald, F. Wolfsperger, M. Lehning

Short to extended range flow forecasts for small hydropower plants
M. Schirmer, K. Bogner

Replacing glaciers with dams? A provocative thought on the possibility of mitigating future summer-runoff decline
D. Farinotti, M. Huss, A. Pistocchi

An analytical model to quantify water resources in Alpine environments
A.C. Santos, B. Schaefli, P. Manso, M.M. Portela, A. Rinaldo, A. Schleiss

Ice Volume Distribution of the Glacies in Switzerland
L. Rabenstein, L. Schmid, A. Bauder, L. Langhammer, P. Lathion, H. Maurer, M. Funk

Use of UAV photogrammetry on glaciers: Opportunities and Challenges
S. Gindraux, R. Boesch, M. Fischer, R. Kenner, D. Farinotti

Mise en évidence du déficit de stockage des ouvrages de retenue en Suisse
J. Durand-Gasselin, J. Dujardin, A. Kahl, B. Schaefli, P. Manso


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Overview Project Posters:

Sustainability Assessment: Integrated Sustainability Assessment of Hydropower projects
G. Voegeli, W. Hediger

Swiss Concession Renewal: Challenges and Opportunities in the current context
G. Voegeli, L. Gaudard


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Overview Project Posters:

Assessment of seasonal storage capacity in Swiss hydropower schemes
M. Guittet, S. Akari, M. Capezzali, F. Vuille, P. Manso

Design optimization of alpine desanding facilities
C. Paschmann, J.N. Fernandes, D.F. Vetsch, R.M. Boes

Air-water flows in medium and high-head hydraulic structures
N. Bertola, H. Chanson, A. J. Schleiss

Venting turbidity currents to reduce reservoir sedimentation
S. Chamoun, G. De Cesare, A. J. Schleiss

Optimisation des microcentrales de Riddes, avec étude de rehaussement du Lac des Vaux
V. Gaillard, I. Samora, A. Amini, A. J. Schleiss

Aeration and two-phase flow characteristics of bottom outlets
B. Hohermuth, L. Schmocker, R. M. Boes

Real-time monitoring of suspended sediments for turbine wear mitigation in hydropower plants
J. Fernandes, D. Felix, I. Albayrak, R. M. Boes

Landslide generated impulse waves in reservoirs
F. Evers, L. Schmocker, R. M. Boes

Potential for future hydropower plants: A systematic analysis of the periglacial environment
D. Ehrbar, I. Delaney, L. Schmocker, A. Bauder, M. Funk, D. F. Vetsch, R. M. Boes

Development of a methodology for extreme flood estimation
F. Zeimetz, J. Garcìa Hernàndez, F. Jordan, G. Artigue, J.-A. Hertig, J.-M. Fallot, R. Receanu, A. J. Schleiss

Design of steel-lined pressure tunnels and shafts
A. J. Pachoud, A. J. Schleiss, P. Manso

Physical modelling optimization of a filter check dam
S. Schwindt, G. De Cesare, A. J. Schleiss

Blocking probability at spillway inlets under driftwood impact
P. Furlan, M. Pfister, J. Matos, A.J. Schleiss

GPU-SPHEROS – A GPU-Accelerated Particle-Based Solver for Hydrodynamic Simulation of Hydraulic Turbines
S. Alimirzazadeh, E. Jahanbakhsh, A. Maertens, S. Leguizamon, F. Avellan

Characterisation of hydraulic behavior of surge tanks orifices
N.J. Adam, G. De Cesare, A. J. Schleiss, C. Münch-Alligné

Artificial sediment replenishment to restore the natural morphological conditions downstream of dams
E. Battisacco, M. J. Franca, A. J. Schleiss

The influence of Fluid-Structure Interaction (FSI) during hydraulic transients in pressurized pipes
D. Ferras, P. Manso, D.I.C. Covas, A.J. Schleiss

Design of steel-lined pressure tunnels and shafts: new and innovative probabilistic approaches for reliability assessment
G. Muller, A. Pachoud, P. Manso, A.J. Schleiss, A. Nussbaumer

Hydrograph variability applied to the gravel bed rivers
B. Plumb, C. Juez, M.J. Franca, A.J. Schleiss, W. K. Annable

Mitigation des impacts négatifs du changement climatique sur l’aménagement de Gebidem grâce à un nouveau potentiel de stockage à Oberaletsch
E. Calixte, F. Zeimetz, P. Manso, As. J. Schleiss

Potentiel hydroélectrique dans la vallée de Gorner suite au retrait du glacier
P. George-Molland, S. Stähly, P. Manso, A.J. Schleiss

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Overview Project Posters:

Optimizing environmental flow releases under future hydropower operation (HydroEnv)
C. Gabbud, G. Bergami, P. Chanut, A. Niayifar

Mobile-bed flood analysis of the Sarine in view of Artificial Flood monitoring
J. Durand-Gasselin, S. Stähly, P. Manso, A.J. Schleiss

Ecological impacts of small-scale run-of-river hydropower plants
K. Lange, S. Di Michelangeli, Y. Kahlert, J. Hellmann, C. Trautwein, C. Weber, J. Brodersen

Assessing the impact of pumped-storage operation on lake stratification
U.G. Kobler, M. Schmid

Hydro-peaking mitigation measures: performance of a complex compensation basin considering future system extensions
P. Meier, M. Bieri, P. Manso, S. Schweizer, A. Fankhauser, B. Schwegler

Quantifying weighted usable area produced by macro roughness elements in river flow and habitat simulations
H.J. Oldroyd, A. Niayifar, P. Perona

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Overview Project Posters:

Exploring productivity and profitability of Alpine hydropower plants under climate change and price variability
D. Anghileri, A. Castelletti, P. Burlando

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Overview Project Posters:

Erosion Modelling in Centrifugal Pumps
E. Casartelli, S. Tosin, D.R. Launchbury

Impact of polymers in well cementing for geothermal wells
M. Palacios, R. K. Mishra, D. Sanz-Pont, R. J. Flatt

Deep Borehole Seismometer Demonstrator
C. Praplan, C. Cachelin, J. Moerschell

Extending Geophone Sensitivity for Induced Seismicity Recording
C. Praplan, J. Moerschell

Corrosion Challenges of Deep Geothermal Systems in Switzerland
A. Vallejo Vitaller, U. Angst, B. Elsener

Detecting Water Through Electric Impedance Measurements
G. Emery, A. Ganchinho, L. Mayencourt, J. Moerschell

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Overview Project Posters:

Inline micro-hydropower production in water supply networks
I. Samora, P. Manso, M.J. Franca, A.J. Schleiss, H.M. Ramos

Understanding the unstable off-design operation of Francis turbines for large scale NRE integration
A. Favrel, K. Yamamoto, A. Müller, C. Landry and F. Avellan

Energy Recovery Station controller tuning based on water utility network simulation
L. Andolfatto, V. Hasmatuchi, C. Münch-Alligné, F. Avellan

Experimental and numerical simulation investigations of the flow in a micro-turbine with counter-rotating runners
E. Vagnoni, S. Richard, L. Andolfatto, C. Münch, F. Avellan

Stability Analysis and Optimal Control of a Francis Turbine Vortex Rope
S. Pasche, F. Gallaire, F. Avellan

RANS computations for identification of 1-D cavitation model parameters Application to full load cavitation vortex rope
J. Decaix, S. Alligné, A. Müller, C. Nicolet, F. Avellan, C. Münch

Dynamic method for model testing hydraulic performance measurements
V. Hasmatuchi, A. Bosioc, S. Luisier, C. Münch-Alligné

Open-air laboratory for a new isokinetic turbine prototype
V. Hasmatuchi, A. Gaspoz, L. Rapillard, N. Brunner, S. Richard, S. Chevailler, C. Münch-Alligné

Experimental investigation of a pump-as-turbine (PAT) to recover the energy lost in drinking water networks
V. Hasmatuchi, S. Luisier, C. Cachelin, C. Münch-Alligné

DuoTurbo Prototype V0
D. Biner, V. Hasmatuchi, L. Andolfatto, F. Avellan, C. Münch-Alligné

Limnimeter for Mountain Streams
G. Emery, E. Bardou, C. Cachelin, J. Moerschell, E. Travaglini

PiezoEel: An Energy Harvester for Mountain Stream Monitoring
G. Emery, S. Richard, H. Keppner, J. Moerschell, C. Münch-Alligné, L. Rapillard

GPU-SPHEROS – Assessment of Constitutive Models for Silt Erosion Simulations
S. Leguizamón, E. Jahanbakhsh, A. Maertens, S. Alimirzazadeh, F. Avellan

SismoRiv : An innovative system for bedload monitoring based on the measurement of seismic noise through river banks
E. Travaglini, P. Ornstein, L. Mayencourt, J. Moerschel, T. Schneider

Prediction of Hydropower Plant stability with Francis turbines operating at partial load
J. Gomes, C. Landry, S. Alligné, C. Nicolet, F. Avellan

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Overview Project Posters:

Accounting for uncertainty in the propagation of dam break flood waves in the Rhone River: from hazards to risks
A. Darcourt, J.P. Matos, A.J. Schleiss

RIsk GOveRnance of electricity pOrtfolioS (RIGOROuS): Cross-technology and spatial tradeoffs of multiple risks
E. Trutnevyte, P. Berntsen, T. Knoblauch, S. Volken

Impact of combined wind and solar energy on the Swiss electricity system
J. Dujardin, A. Kahl, B. Kruyt, M. Lehning

A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Hydropower Dam Accidents Risk
A. Kalinina, M. Spada, P. Burgherr

Physical-based model of a dam failure event
A. Kalinina, M. Spada, P. Burgherr

Seasonal and Diurnal Wind Power
B. Kruyt, M. Lehning

Multi-risk in the Swiss landscape: The case of earthquake-triggered landslides
A. Jafarimanesh, A. Mignan, D. Giardini

Long-term decay and possible reactivation of induced seismicity at the Basel EGS site
M. Herrmann, T. Kraft, T. Tormann, S. Wiemer

Controlling induced seismicity in EGS projects by a model-driven traffic light system
A. Mignan, M. Broccardo, S. Wiemer

ENSAD v2.0 Hydro: a new interactive, GIS-based database for historical hydropower accidents worldwide
P. Burgherr, M. Spada, A. Kalinina, K. Wansub, S. Hirschberg

Accident Risk Assessment for Deep Geothermal Energy Systems for Switzerland: An Update
M. Spada, E. Sutra, P. Burgherr

Induced seismicity risk analysis in OpenQuake. Basel 2009 case study, validation and GIS integration
M. Broccardo, L. Danciu, A. Mignan, S. Wiemer

Nonstructural Damage Tests on Masonry Building Walls: First Phase
M. Didier, M. Broccardo, G. Abbiati, L. Danciu, K. Beyer, B. Stojadinovic, D. Giardini

Social discourses on deep geothermal energy
O. Ejderyan, M. Stauffacher

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Overview Project Posters:

Energy Perspectives Extension & Update

Perspectives for Swiss electricity supply: Potentials, costs and environmental assessment
S. Hirschberg, C. Bauer, Y. Bäuerle, S. Biollaz, P. Burgherr, B. Cox, T. Heck, M. Lehnert, A. Meier, M. Saar, W. Schenler, M.Q. Tran, K. Treyer, F. Vogel, C. Wieckert, X. Zhang, M. Zimmermann

Future deep geothermal plants in Switzerland: Capacity, cost and environmental impacts
K. Treyer, W. Schenler, P. Burgherr, S. Hirschberg

Hydropower in Switzerland: Potentials, costs and environmental assessment
C. Bauer, M. Lehnert

Scenario Modeling

Exact dispatch solutions of stochastic hydropower problems
M. Densing, T. Kober

Comparative Risk Assessment

Comparative assessment of hydrogen accidents risk
M. Spada, P.B. Rouelle, P. Burgherr, D. Giardini

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Overview Project Posters:

Discretization and Multigrid Methods for Modeling permeability and stimulation for deep heat mining
C. v. Planta, R. Alessandro, T. Driesner, R. Krause

A new software for modeling seismic velocity dispersion and attenuation in realistically fractured media
M. Favino, J. Hunziker, E. Caspari, B. Quintal, K. Holliger, R. Krause