Quinn Wenning

Biographical summary

Quinn Wenning joined the SCCER-SoE in October 2015 as a PhD student. He works in the Rock Deformation Laboratory under the guidance of the Structural Geology and Tectonics group at ETH Zurich. He also completed his MSc at ETH in Earth Sciences working on petrophysical and borehole stress characterization of a deep scientific borehole central Sweden. Prior to arriving in Zurich, he completed his bachelor’s degree in hydrogeology at the University of Texas at Austin, where he studied reactive channelization of flow in fractured rocks. Between undergraduate and graduate studies he worked in the oil and gas industry concentrated on geomechanical characterization of unconventional reservoirs.

SCCER-SoE responsibilities

Quinn is now working on characterizing mechanical and flow properties of fracture and damage zones in potential geothermal reservoirs. Exploitation of these reservoir systems require robust characterization of their petrophysical properties, and he is currently performing measurements and developing techniques to investigate these properties at reservoir conditions. His interests are focused on understanding links between mechanical and flow properties and developing new characterization methods, which he aims to use to provide better subsurface fluid flow and mechanical predictive models.