Ana Vallejo Vitaller

Biographical Summary

Ana Vallejo Vitaller received a M.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering with a specialization in Materials Science from the Technical University of Madrid (Spain) in 2012. During her studies, she spent an exchange year at Aalto University (Helsinki, Finland), where she carried out her Master’s Thesis on the numerical simulation of the basic oxygen steelmaking process. Before joining the SCCER-SoE team, she worked as Metallurgist in the field of continuous casting of steel at SMS Concast AG (Zurich, Switzerland).

SCCER-SoE Responsibilities

In her Ph.D. project, Ana Vallejo Vitaller conducts research on the field of corrosion in deep geothermal energy systems in the group of Corrosion and Durability of ETH Zurich. By combining materials science and electrochemistry, she aims at developing inexpensive tailor-made steels that could provide significant corrosion resistance in geothermal environments.