Severin Stähly

Biographical Summary

Severin Stähly joined the SCCER-SoE team in April 2015. He works  as a PhD student at the Laboratory of Hydraulic Constructions (LCH) at the Institute of Civil Engineering at EPFL and is Supervised by Prof. Anton J. Schleiss and PD Dr. Christopher T. Robinson (EAWAG). Before he started his PhD, Sev studied Environmental Engineering with the Majors Hydraulic Engineering and Urban Water Management at ETH Zurich. In the framework of ERASMUS Sev studied a semester at the Technical University of Norway in Trondheim (NTNU). His Master thesis about comparing photo-sieving methods with conservative methods, Sev conducted at the Hydraulic Engineering Laboratory at the University of Auckland, New Zealand.
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 SCCER-SoE Responsibilities  

The team around Severin Stähly contributes to WP2, Hydropower. It consists of three different work groups: Biology group (ZHAW, EAWAG), Sediment and Hydrology group (EPFL) and Remote sensing group (University of Zurich). The focus is put towards floodplain dynamics, from a biological and geomorphological point of view. The team aims at developing tools for the classification, planification and monitoring floodplains and restoration measures. The team works a two different rivers, the Sarine river between Rossens and Fribourg (residual flow and hydropeaking study reaches) and the Sense river close to Plaffeien (natural reference).