Alessandro Rigazzi

Biographical Summary

Alessandro Rigazzi was born in 1984 in Lugano (Switzerland). He received a BSc in Computer Science in 2006 and a MSc in Comptuer Science with specialization in Computational Science in 2007, both at the ETH Zurich. After a short period at the CSCS in the group of Data Analysis and Scientific Visualization, he became PhD student of USI Lugano and is expected to complete the program in 2014, with a thesis on the Finite Element Method applied to the study of rough surfaces and friction forces. His interests focus on parallel programming, continuum mechanics, and advanced rendering techniques for scientific visualization.


SCCER-SoE Responsibilities

Supervision and design of the development of a massively parallel hybrid GPU-CPU software dedicated to the simulation of contact along non-matching meshes, including frictional effects induced by fractured rough surfaces and permeability changes. Design and testing of the interface integrating existing and new softwares dedicated to different aspects of the studied problem.