Mischa Repmann

Biographical Summary

Mischa Repmann received a MSc in Environmental Sciences and a PhD in Process Engineering, both from ETH Zurich. His studies brought him to Iceland where he worked in the research departement of the geothermal utility company Reykjavik Energy during one year. The disposal of CO2 rich geothermal waste waters into basalts triggered his interest in the concept of CCS and mineral carbonation, the latter becoming the research focus of his PhD. He is the author of the status report for CCS in Switzerland on behalf of the SFOE (2008), participant in the project Carbon Management in Power Generation (CARMA, 2009-12), and supervisor of the CCS dissemination project Carbon Storage Showcase (2011-12). Since 2014, he works as a research associate at the Institute of Process Engineering, ETHZ.


SCCER-SoE Responsibilities

Within the SCCER SoE, Mischa participates in WG1 as a researcher and managing assisstant for task 1.3, P&D for reservoir creation. Future piloting activities will be positioned prominently within ongoing initiatives on the European level, with particular reference to the ECCSEL infrastructure network and the call for concerted action under the ERANET Funding scheme.