Lasse Rabenstein

Biographical Summary

Lasse Rabenstein joined the SCCER project in April 2014. He works as a research associate and lecturer for the Glaciology division, and for the Exploration and Environmental Geophysics division of ETH Zurich, where he started as a postdoctoral researcher already in 2010. During this period he worked on multidisciplinary geophysical investigation of the near subsurface, mostly on cryosphere targets such as alpine glaciers and permafrost as well as Arctic sea ice. Lasse received his PhD at the University Bremen in 2010 for his work on airborne measurements of sea-ice thickness. He is furthermore co-founder of an Alfred-Wegener-Institute (AWI) spin-off for Arctic and Antarctic sea-ice surveying. In 2006 he graduated with a Diploma in Geophysics at the FU Berlin about seismic imaging in heterogeneous media.


SCCER-SoE Responsibilities

The team around Lasse Rabenstein contributes to WP2, Hydropower, with the obtainment of a comprehensive data set of glacier bed topography and glacier volume across the Swiss Alpes. Alpine glaciers are a critical factor for the environmental operating conditions of future hydropower plants. The method of choice is helicopter ground penetrating radar (GPR) in combination with novel data processing modules, such as full waveform inversion technologies, and a new methodology for setting up reliable 3D glacier geometry models.