Beatrix Quintal

Bibliographical Summary

Beatriz has a background in Petroleum Engineering and Exploration, with BSc and MSc degrees obtained in Brazil. She acquired some practical experience in the petroleum industry working as a field engineer for Schlumberger in the US, mainly offshore on Gulf of Mexico oil fields. In 2010, she obtained a PhD in Earth Sciences at the ETH Zurich, where she stayed for subsequent two years as a postdoctoral fellow and one additional year as a lecturer (Oberassistentin). Currently, she is a lecturer (Maître assistante) at the Applied and Environmental Geophysics Group of the University of Lausanne. Beatriz' main research line is rock physics with focus on seismic wave attenuation in fluid-saturated porous rocks, subject that she studies theoretically, computationally, and through laboratory experiments in collaboration with the Rock Deformation Laboratory of the ETH Zurich.


SCCER-SoE Responsibilities

Numerical simulations of relaxation tests in poroelastic models of fractured rock to study the effects of fracture characteristics such as aperture and connectivity on frequency-dependent seismic attenuation caused by wave-induced fluid flow. Integration of numerical modeling and laboratory data to determine the effect of different fluid-related physical mechanisms on seismic attenuation in fractured rocks and validate theoretical approaches.