Pedro Manso

Biographical Summary

Dr. Pedro MANSO is a civil engineer with 16 years of experience in the Water and Energy sectors, in particular in hydraulic works, dam engineering, pumped-storage and water economics. He graduated from IST Lisbon in 1998, then started his career at DHV Portugal. In 2001 he joined the Laboratory of Hydraulic Constructions (LCH) at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) where he conducted several engineering and research projects until 2006, and obtained a PhD on the field of rock scour downstream dams. From 2006 to end 2014 he worked in Stucky Ltd in Lausanne for greenfield hydro projects and rehabilitation and upgrading of existing hydropower schemes and dams in Europe, Africa and Asia, from the study phase till commissioning. He joined the SCCER-SoE late 2014 as responsible for the “Hydropower Infrastructure Adaptation” work plan, seconded to the LCH-EPFL.
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SCCER-SoE Responsibilities

Dr. Manso work concerns the adaptation of the Swiss hydropower infrastructures to maintain and increase electricity production in the next decades, given the changing economic, climatic and legal context. He is currently in charge of the preparation of several research projects to be co-funded by the Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) and industrial partners. His main research interests are i) assessment of untapped & hidden hydropower potential; ii) the interplay between water storage and electricity demand; iii) robust design of pressurized waterways, iv) sediment management in complex systems of alpine reservoirs, v) mitigation of hydropeaking, vi) flexible operation of hydropower schemes, vii) hydraulic-economic feasibility of new storage and pumped-storage plants and viii) dam heightening and strengthening. He is also co-organizer of the joint LCH-SCCCER-SoE Conference cycle at EPFL (