Theresa Knoblauch

Biographical Summary

Theresa Knoblauch holds a MSc in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology from Technische Universität München, Germany, with a focus on energy technology. During her studies and internships in France, Zimbabwe, and Singapore she worked on different types of the energy system, from biogas plants to electricity consumption by electric vehicles.


SCCER-SoE Responsibilities

In 2015, Theresa Knoblauch started her doctorate on the topic of energy supply and risk communication at the ETH D-USYS TdLab in the NRP70 project “Supply of electricity for 2050: hydropower and geo-energies”. Her research areas and interests concern risks from deep geothermal and hydro power, especially how are these risks perceived by different actors and how can they be conveyed best by technical experts in order to inform energy decisions?