Melchior Grab

Biographical Summary

Melchior Grab graduated in August 2012 from the IDEA League Joint Master’s program in Applied Geophysics at TU Delft, ETH Zürich, and RWTH Aachen. During his MSc project he worked on forward and inverse modeling of frequency domain electromagnetic data from small coils. In September 2012 he started his PhD in the Exploration and Environmental Geophysics (EEG) group at ETH Zürich.


SCCER-SoE Responsibilities

Melchior Grab’s PhD project is the geophysical component of the SNF Sinergia project COTHERM - COmbined hydrological, geochemical and geophysical modeling of geoTHERMal systems. He focuses on seismic and hydro-mechanic characterization of geothermal reservoirs by combining experimental investigations with numerical modeling techniques. He conducts seismic pulse transmission experiments in the laboratory and seismic refraction experiments in the field to characterize the seismic properties of various geological formations. Numerical modeling techniques are used to study the hydro-mechanical behavior of fractured rock at small scales, and the seismic wave propagation at reservoir scales.