Frederic Evers

Biographical Summary

Frederic Evers graduated in Civil Engineering and Applied Studies of Culture and Society from KIT Karlsruhe. Before joining the Laboratory of Hydraulics, Hydrology and Glaciology (VAW) at ETH Zurich, he worked as a research engineer on numerical simulation of groundwater flooding and 3D flow processes at RWTH Aachen. His current research focus is on physical modelling of impulse waves generated by subaerial landslides and wave-structure interaction.

SCCER-SOE Responsibilities

In his doctoral project, he conducts lab scale experiments to investigate landslide generated impulse waves. These waves can cause damage to reservoir infrastructure or might act as a triggering mechanism for glacial lake outburst floods. The objective of his research is to quantitatively link slide characteristics to safety-related wave propagation features such as the wave height decay rate in a spatial environment. In addition to basic research, he provides expertise on the hazard assessment of impulse wave scenarios at prototype scale.