Daniel Egli

Biographical Summary

Daniel Egli graduated from Basel University, Switzerland with a MSc in Geology in 2008 and obtained a PhD at the ETH Zurich in 2013. During his MSc and PhD research projects, he focused on field-based geology in the Dinarides (Serbia) and the Mont Blanc Massif (Western Alps). After the 4 years in Zurich, he moved on to the Geological Institute at Fribourg University for a 2 year postdoctoral fellowship before joining the Geological Institute at University of Bern for a postdoctoral position in the SCCER-SoE/NRP70 framework. His main research interests are the geodynamic evolution of mountain belts, tectonics/structural geology at all scales and geochronology.


SCCER-SOE Responsibilities

Collection and analysis of surface and underground data of a well-exposed active hydrothermal system in the Grimsel Pass area, Switzerland, which can serve as an analogue for the crustal basement in the deep subsurface of the Swiss Molasse Basin. Project management of the drilling project and subsequent structural characterization of the hydrothermal breccia on the meso- and microscale from surface data and drill cores to establish a better understanding for potentially exploitable active hydrothermal systems.