Ian Delaney

Biographical Summary

Ian Delaney completed his bachelor's degree from Whitman College in Washington state. His undergraduate research there focused on stream channel changes from peri-glacial debris ows on Mount Rainier -a glaciated stratovolcano. His Master of Science research aimed to quantify black carbon concentrations in seasonal snow and on glaciers in Washington State for the context of albedo reduction and accelerated snowmelt. Additionally, he has participated in several other research projects in the Washington Cascades, Colorado and Nepal. He began his PhD at the VAW at ETH-Zurich in April 2015, xaminingsediment yields from glaciers in the Swiss Alps.

SCCER-SOE Responsibilities

To approach this research problem he has taken on several tasks and responsibilities.This include aerial photo analysis of peri-glacial area to measure erosion rates and implementation of glacier hydrology models and climate data to understand changes in glacier characteristics which could lead to increased sediment production. Additionally, he is installing and maintaining instrumentation on several glacier outlet streams to estimate the temporal variability and quantity of sediment being produced by these glaciers.