Lukas Aschwanden

Biographical Summary

Lukas Aschwanden graduated from University of Bern, Switzerland with a MSc in Earth Sciences in 2013. During his MSc he focused on the evolution of porosity in the Middle Triassic Muschelkalk carbonate aquifer, NE-Switzerland and its implications on geothermal energy exploitation and the underground storage of gas. Following his master’s degree he started a PhD at the Geological Institute at the University of Bern within the framework of SCCER-SoE/NRP70.

SCCER-SOE Responsibilities

Characterization of the Upper Muschelkalk carbonate aquifer in the Swiss Molasse Basin (SMB) as a potential reservoir for geothermal energy exploitation and the underground storage of gas (CO2 and methane). The characterization of the reservoir focuses on diagenesis and water-rock interactions in the aquifer and the determination of its petrophysical properties, all based on petrographic, structural, geochemical and petrophysical analyses of numerous drill cores across the SMB. These findings will be used to develop a regional conceptual model of the aquifer which will aid in predicting the magnitudes and 3D distribution of the key rock properties throughout the SMB, thus supporting exploration efforts by industry.