Arthur Adams

Biographical Summary

Arthur Adams graduated from Bern University, Switzerland with an MSc in Earth Sciences in 2014 and began his PhD at Bern University the same year. His MSc research project focused on the distribution of facies and dolomitization in the boreholes of the Upper Muschelkalk in NE Switzerland.   His PhD focuses on early diagenesis and sedimentology, and their controls on carbonate reservoir properties. His main research interests are early diagenesis of carbonate sediments and facies analysis.

SCCER-SOE Responsibilities

Porosity is poorly constrained and understood within the Upper Muschelkalk aquifer, which serves as a potential site for CO2 sequestration. Carbonate facies, dolomitization and early diagenesis are important controls on the distribution and properties of reservoir matrix porosities. Assessing the lateral continuity of facies and dolomitization, across multiple boreholes in Switzerland, allows for extrapolation, explanation and prediction of porosity modifying factors.